Dominic J. Catalano

Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Optimization Enthusiast


My name is Dominic Catalano, and I am a driven, self-motivated, and meticulous full-stack software engineer in the Boston area. I am currently finishing my Master's Degree in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Algorithms at Northeastern University along with my Bachelor's in Computer Engineering with a minor in Business Administration and an expected graduation date of May 2017.

My fields of interest include full stack development with emphasis on data analytics, pattern recognition, and meaningful data collection and visualization. I excel at data manipulation (particularly in SQL databases) and the design and implementation of clean and functional user interfaces.

I am passionate about creating applications that positively impact its users--whether the application provides greater insight into a business's data, simplifies day to day activities, or reduces costs associated with training users on a complicated system. The opportunity to utilize novel innovation and tactical ingenuity in the workplace excites me and compels me to continue working and learning. I regard the label impossible not to be an obstacle but rather an invitation and challenge to succeed where no one has before.

I am familiar with a number of programming languages, design environments, and software architectures with proficiencies in C#, Java, .NET, and SQL among others. I have experience with many High Performance Computing libraries like OpenMP, MPI, as well as CUDA. Please see Technical Interests for a full listing.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, distance running, and theater.

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