It is my opinion that a successful life is a balanced life. I find it important to not only have a depth of understanding in a couple fields but also a breadth of interests and activities that span many domains of knowledge. The ability to create but also communicate is paramount in a cross functional team that spans horizontally and vertically within a business.


I first mounted the stage in seventh grade upon the recommendation of my mother. I didn't want to. At the time I was very much isolated, quiet, and insecure. Theater provided an avenue for self-discovery and personal growth. I've maintained my connection with stage throughout college in a group called Acting Out--a group focused on activism through theater. In this way, I was able to pursue my love of the stage while giving back to my community by performing in, directing, and managing shows that challenged societial norms in the hope of furthering relevant social change.


Those that knew me in junior high would tell you fervently I would be the last person to ever run a half marathon. In truth, me and athletics were never really friends; I often refer to sports as "the sportsball". I started running as a response to personal insecurity and have found it to not only help me lead a healthier life but also face personal struggles. I have learned through many miles that the best response to a challenge is to move forward. Stagnation does nothing, but running-even in the opposite direction-is acknowledgement of a challenge and thus a step forward in overcoming it. Running has given me the confidence to embark on adventures I had previously would have neglected to pursue, like hiking and travel.


As the youngest in a very busy, very large Italian family, I was often left to fend for myself at the dinner table. Instead I took the initiative to make the kitchen my own. For me, cooking provides a platform to create; instead of a virtual machines, my basis is a plate. Fusing flavors in unexpected yet pleasurable ways represents my passion for transforming simple ingredients or components into complex products that satisfy and amaze my guests. I get no greater satisfaction than watching someone react to a novel flavor or an experience. Similarly, mixology intrigues me. Base spirits are often met with questioning looks and frought with flashbacks from less-informed underclassmen misadventures. However, when crafted in the correct proportions and in the proper order and with a fastidious attention to detail, simple components become something amazing.

Delta Tau Delta

During my time at Northeastern, I founded the Iota Psi chapter of Delta Tau Delta. I served as the first Sergeant at Arms and authored our bylaws. Through a significant amount of effort, our chapter was awarded a Hugh Shields award for being ranked fourth among all chapters of Delta Tau Delta in the country. We have also received many other awards including highest GPA of the Eastern Division, highest GPA on campus, and Chapter of Year.

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